How to edit


using your


  • All videos and photos secrets revealed

  • Over 30 tutorials videos and resources

  • How to work with brands and influencers

What’s inside the course ?

Mobile Editing Course

Learn How to Edit Content by Just Using Your Phone

Video Tutorial Course

Learn How to Edit Videos and Pictures Using Different Softwares

30+ Lightroom LUTs

Learn how to apply Lightroom LUTs and learn how to color grade


New videos each week to members as

well as new downloads!

All You Need

If you have not started shooting content yet,
it is the right time now! You have to join the trend.


We have business, tutorials, screen recording videos and much more.

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About Kevin

Kevin Ostaj

Kevin Ostaj

My work has been watched over 1 billion times across all platforms and I worked with over 100 celebrities and influencers. I created EditingExpert to show you guys how easy and effective it’s to take professional photos and videos by just using your phone. Inside this course, I will show you how to edit content by just using your cellphone.

worked with and many more…

You’ll have the ability to deliver professional-styled content!

Summary Of What You’ll Get…

instructional videos - $497 value

Editing Phone Course - $227 VALUE

Tons of Other Features - PRICELESS

Unlimited Resources and Downloads - $257 value

Lifetime Access To Private Telegram Group $157 value



Mobile Editing


Video Course


LUTs Lightroom

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Video Course Lessons…

Over 30 Tutorials Videos from Basic to Advanced Editing…

Lessons That Are Inside Mobile Course…

Section 1:


1. Introduction

2. Vertical vs Horizontal Formatting

3. Understanding Color Correction

4. Optimizing for Social Media & Best Practices

Section 2:


1. Mastering The You Cam Perfect App

2. Lightroom Tutorial

3. Using the best editing app by Google

4. Editing Videos Inside iMovie

5. The Secret Apps

BONUS Section:


1.Understanding And Mastering Social Media

2. Optimizing Your Instagram To Attract Followers And Clients

3. Working With Influencers And Building Your Influencer Network


How long is each video?

Each video is approximately 2 – 20 min long and don’t worry you won’t fall asleep watching them.

What do you mean by 'downloads'?

By signing up to the course, you will have access to sound effects, templates, LUTs and many different things that will help you in editing.

What kind of videos will I find ?

You will find videos from screen recording, business talks, instructional and many many more.

Is there a '1-on1' option?

Yes, for this package please e-mail me (

Can I download the videos?

Unfortunately not at this moment.

How often are new videos going to be posted ?

Each week there will be new videos posted.

Do I need a computer to edit content ?

No! You will find ‘Phone’ section inside the course.

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  • "It really saves me time and effort. This is what I was exactly looking for. Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free!"

    Paula S. Jordan
    Paula S. Jordan COO
  • "Absolutely wonderful! It's the perfect solution for what I am doing. I would be lost without your help and your camera techniques."

    Hollie H.
    Hollie H. CEO
  • "Since I invested in camera editing I made over 100,000 dollars profits. I love your system."

    Ferdy D.
    Ferdy D.
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